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What people say

Once people find me, they are generally very positive about what I do and come back for more sessions and/or workshops. Several have done courses, workshops and language holidays more than once and I’m very grateful to them for their loyalty and continuing enthusiasm for and commitment to learning Italian.


Most of the comments below have come from the anonymous feedback forms I have used in the past, but some people have sent me emails or written notes and have agreed to be identified.


One of the nicest comments I have had came from a student who is sadly no longer with us: "One of the best things about learning with Susan is that she sounds like an Italian, but she knows where we're coming from because she's an English native speaker, like us."



Vacanze Studio d'inglese in Cornovaglia

Agosto 2012

Perchè ho deciso di frequentare un corso di inglese con Susan Girelli Hill? Per due buone ragioni. La prima si legge subito nelle informazioni: dimentica come hai imparato le lingue a scuola! Ovviamente questa idea tocca da vicino la mia drammatica esperienza di alunna con l'inglese nelle classi italiane di 30 anni fa. La seconda ragione è che Susan vive in Cornovaglia, uno dei luoghi a mio parere più spettacolari al mondo! Ho seguito l’intuito quindi, e sono partita per due settimane. Questo mi ha permesso di incontrare personalmente Susan, un’insegnante molto capace. Ecco la terza ragione per cui mi ritengo fortunata e suggerisco a coloro che hanno dubbi di non esitare: Susan riesce senza fatica a cogliere quello di cui hai bisogno, a tirarti fuori quel che sai e a stimolare l’apprendimento partendo dalle cose semplici e di tutti i giorni, tanto che in poco tempo ti trovi a fare conversazione senza accorgertene e pian piano correggi da sola gli errori che commetti. E’ questo, a mio parere, il maggior pregio di un insegnante di lingua: darti le basi per iniziare a parlare senza che tu ti accorga subito del progressi che stai compiendo, regalandoti anzi la tranquillità e la disinvoltura necessarie per andare avanti. Quindi grazie Susan :)    (Monica Carestia sulla mia pagina Facebook)


Pacentro language holidays 


Intermediate 2011: 

  • Plugged a lot of the gaps I had and I loved the variety of activities!


Intermediate/Advanced 2010: 

  • Your teaching was very well organised and effective. 
  • We loved Pacentro and the people we met and were amazed by the good value of everything.


Low Intermediate 2010: 

  • I found the mix of activities challenging, engaging and fun. 


Beginners 2010: 

  • It’s an excellent course, with an expert teacher. I wish it had been two weeks! 
  • I learnt more this week than I have in the last twenty years of trying to teach myself. 



Penzance courses


Beginners Plus, winter 2012

  • Susan, you might be interested to know that I recently got back from my bike tour of Sardinia without mishap (700 miles in two weeks) having had a truly wonderful time. Everyone spoke Italian (not Sardo, and not much English either) but thanks to the big leg-up I got from your course I was able to muddle through. But I couldn't help but be struck by the contrast between those freezing winter evenings in Penzance when I first started with spremuta di arancia (and other such essential terminology) and the 30°+ heat when I was ordering the stuff for real! Thanks again for getting me started: it was a big boost to my confidence in even contemplating such a trip. Sicily next maybe? Keep sending me the details of your courses, I may need a top-up! (Stephen R, via email)


Italian Conversation, autumn 2011

  • Susan, thanks for your endless patience and encouragement to us poor oldies with fast-fading memories! Your classes are always fun. (Anita & Robin)


Beginners, autumn 2010

  • Thanks for a very interesting and enjoyable course. See you next year! (Patricia) 







Italian for your Holiday, Penzance 2012

  • Best thing was the first-hand knowledge of modern usage and interactive activities.
  • Liked the relaxed atmosphere of the day.


Refresher Italian, Truro 2012

  • I found it challenging because I haven’t spoken Italian in a long time, but it left me feeling more confident and enthusiastic.


Taster Italian, Penzance 2012

  • Susan’s a very friendly teacher. It was easy to understand and very enjoyable.


Uso delle Preposizioni – Penzance, Bristol, Edinburgh 2011-12

  • Good pace and variety of activities.
  • 3 hours sounded like a long session, but the time went very quickly.
  • Susan, the Prepositions Workshop in Penzance in November 2011 was great for revising past knowledge and acquiring new grammar and vocabulary. The exercises were varied and fun, and the fact that most of it was in Italian was good practice for my listening and speaking skills. After three hours of intensive but enjoyable work I felt intellectually stimulated and quietly confident that I’d improved my Italian.  I would thoroughly recommend any of your workshops as you’re such a brilliant teacher.  (Linda C, via email)
  • We covered such a lot of ground in 3 hours!


Improve your Italian Pronunciation – Penzance, Truro, Bristol 2011-12

  • Great half-day workshop!
  • Interesting, amusing and worth the money!
  • I have found your workshops really relaxed and enjoyable and because of this much easier to assimilate - so it's definitely Italian for the anxious. We will definitely be enrolling on the Beginners Plus in Penzance. (Mary and Tony, via email)


Giornata italiana, Penzance 2011

  • Sue, thank you for an excellent day on Saturday. Really stimulating and entertaining. (Angela, via email)
  • Saturday morning’s a great time for a workshop. Nice small group and relaxed atmosphere.




Pronunciation workshop for 15 Cornwall restaurant staff, 2010

  • Really enjoyed my afternoon and feel that it will help me progress in the restaurant. Plus I really want to learn Italian now!
  • Great that it was geared to our work.


Giornata italiana, Falmouth 2008

  • This has been an excellent day. Our tutor was first class.
  • More than met my expectations.
  • Can we do it again, please?


Italian for your Holiday, Bristol 2005

  • Good introduction to the language. Susan has good knowledge and attitude.
  • Susan made it lots of fun and very relevant.
  • Very, very good.









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