Susan Girelli Hill PhD

UK: 0044 7900 890 175

Italia: 0039 340 6855953

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Skype Me™!

one-to-one tuition in the UK and Italy

For some people, learning in a group and/or on a regular basis, is just not an option.

I can provide a course of one-to-one sessions that can be arranged at times to suit you, and are tailor-made to your needs. My basic package is 5 hours’ tuition taken over as long or as short a period as works for you and your commitments.

Ad hoc, single sessions are also available for those who simply want a refresher before a particular event, such as a business meeting, family wedding or before a visit to Italy after a long absence.

One-to-one sessions are also available via Skype, so you can work on your Italian wherever you and I are. I normally offer a free 30-minute trial session if you are unfamiliar with Skype. Click here for more information on learning via Skype or contact me to discuss your needs.

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St Michael's Mount, Cornwall


Two Italian ladies


On a beach in Cornwall


Skiing in Italy

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