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Learn Italian

Forget your memories of learning languages at school. I provide Italian language tuition in a variety of ways that turn a challenge into fun!

Why do you want to learn Italian? I bet it’s not so you can read Dante in the original language, or even the Montalbano detective stories, but I can help with that if you do!

Most of you want to learn Italian to get the most out of your visits to Italy or to make contact with Italian friends, family or business contacts. In other words, you want to be able to understand spoken Italian and speak it yourself.

Funnily enough, that’s what I focus on in most of my teaching. Whether you want to learn ‘little and often’ through regular classes, focus in a one-off session on a particular point or activity, like pronunciation or communicating with a plumber in Italy, or do some intensive work either on your own or in a small group, I can help. Most sessions have a mixture of pair work for reading and speaking, listening activities and games to become familiar with language in context. I refer to internet materials in audio and video as well as text. Occasionally, we dip into grammar explanations as a back up. Tuition is normally in Italian, but it’s OK to ask questions in English.

Check out the pages in this section by following the drop-down menu and find what looks right for you – in the UK or Italy, or both!

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