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So what do I do? I teach Italian workshops, courses and language holidays, mainly to adult English speakers, in the UK and in Italy. I also teach English workshops and language holidays, mainly to adult Italians, also in the UK and Italy. There's more information about learning Italian below.

Clicca qui per informazione generale in italiano sui seminari e corsi d'inglese che offro.    

If you're looking to learn Italian, in the UK or in Italy, you've come to the right site. With years of teaching experience behind me, I can help you learn the language in a relaxed, fun environment that encourages you to use the language as much as possible.  

2015 has thus far been a year of great change for me. After 10 years in Cornwall, I have left Penzance and will move to Petersfield in Hampshire this autumn. I plan to provide regular Italian classes and occasional workshops in Petersfield from January 2016 and my Skype one-to-one sessions will restart in October 2015, along with  one-to-one and small group Italian tuition in Lucca, and language study holidays for adults in Lucca.

One-to-one sessions are available, in person or via Skype. These are proving more and more popular, as people want to find a course that suits their level and needs. And if you opt for Skype, you can learn from the comfort of your home and office, without having to travel to a lesson.

If you're in business with Italy, why not get me to help with creating text for your website pages, brochures and flyers in Italian? Click here for more information on the other services I offer.   

And don't forget that tips on learning Italian are given free on my Facebook page. For those of you who don't do Facebook, you can still get the information, as my Facebook postings appear on each page of my site.

Whether you want to master the language so you can live or work in Italy, or just want enough Italian to get the most out of a holiday, I can help. I don't have to follow a syllabus or book dictated by the school owner. I am the owner, so I have the flexibility to meet your needs.

Just give me a call or email me. Make this year the year you learn Italian. Properly.







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